Meet our team

Garrison Gilbert


Garrison has been a real estate professional since 2001 having purchased 600+ properties while controlling another 500 and been involved in just about every real estate scenario you can imagine. Surviving several real estate cycles including the 2007 crash and having his best years in 2008 & 2009. He has been involved in Multi Family apartments, low priced government subsidized, single family rentals, multimillion-dollar renovation projects, new construction, commercial projects along with land development. He has extensive experience in both residential & commercial real estate along with project and property management.

Michael Foster


Former Naval Officer, Real Estate Investor, and Entrepreneur, He serves as the Education Chief and Podcast Host for Active Duty Passive Income.

Mike graduated from the US Naval Academy in 2013 where he met his beautiful wife, began his naval and real estate investing career, building the foundation for his success. 

While active duty, Mike was fortunate enough to have had several remarkable mentors that taught him the importance of credit-building, creative financing techniques and wealth building strategies. Since then, he has acquired multiple real estate investments, he owns several businesses, and mentors thousands of veterans around the world.

Michael Palkovic


Michael diligently analyzes deals to ensure our investors are presented with the best possible options. With several years of construction, consulting, land development and permitting experience he understands the importance of attention to detail. A civil engineer by trade, he recently made the move into real estate investing and has a passion for helping others do the same. Michael graduated with a Civil Engineering degree in 2017.

Carmello & Kayla Pronesti


Kayla and Carmello has been in real estate  for the past eight years. Kayla and Carmello has several years as a property manager for multiple properties. Kayla implements plans for operations of multifamily properties. Kayla runs several businesses. Carmello is an Active Duty Coast Guard Member, Residential Realtor and Real Estate Investor. Carmello's favorite hobby is wood working. Spending time with our family is our favorite thing to do.

Chris & Irina Ball


Chris and Irina started their real estate journey in 2016 as students of Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad mentorship, with the goal in mind to be financially free and spendig more time together as a family- all through multifamily buy/hold properties. Since then, they've aquired their first multifamily investment property and are scaling up to larger commercial multifamily deals through syndication. They have two young boys, Dmitri and Isaac who are already locating potential deals.